Meet Dr. Luke

Dr. Timothy Luke Wezeman

Dr. Luke grew up on Whidbey Island where his father was a dentist and his mother an elementary school teacher.  Upon graduating high school, Dr. Luke attended Seattle Pacific University where he earned a degree in Biology.  After a year away from school, he re-entered Seattle Pacific University and earned a Teaching Certificate and Master’s degree in Teaching.  Putting these skills to use, Dr. Luke taught middle school science and technology on Whidbey Island for 5 years.

Hearing the call for a new vocation, Dr. Luke attended New York University’s College of Dentistry, where he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree.  Following graduation in 2008, Dr. Luke relocated back to Whidbey Island where he worked for his father, eventually taking over as owner of the practice.  Whidbey has been a great place to raise children for Dr. Luke and his wife, Cara.  Jackson, their oldest, is a freshman at the University of Washington.  Emma is a senior in high school and has plans to attend the University of Washington in the fall.  As their two kids are on their way, Dr. Luke and Cara saw an opportunity for a new adventure.  After living on Whidbey for most of his life, Dr. Luke is thrilled to relocate to the beautiful Bellingham area, bringing his 10 years of dental experience, a caring heart, and a desire to serve the Bellingham community.